Who Messed up Our Home?

This is the result of the earthquake at home. No big damages but quite a lot of things had moved around.

The frige, for instance, had moved about 10 cm from the wall. A shelf in the kitchen had moved about 15 cm as indicated by my hand in one of the pictures. And the bookshelf had moved 5 cm sideways though I cannot moved even 1 mm back because it is too heavy.

But on the other hand, the power of the earth is quite a lot bigger than what I have. Even though I spend some time at the gym 😉 At wikipedia they compared 8.9 on the Richter scale to 336 megatons of TNT. We were quite lucky we were not at the epicenter.

4 thoughts on “Who Messed up Our Home?

  1. I was not our kids! Promise! 😉 Glad to hear that you are ok. It sounded like it was really bad on the news. Hope you get your pink lady bike back 😉

  2. Thank you Fredrik! Haha, watching the movie I realize I took that ride when I lived in Tennessee and went on a holiday to Orlando, Florida 🙂

  3. We are OK Patrik, and I am pretty sure kids can be making a lot of rumble and noise… But if this was caused by a kid it must have been a big mean sun of a b*@#h 😉

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