Fukushima #1

The latest news about the Fukushima #1 nuclear power plant is difficult to get hold of. Or should I say, it is difficult to get hold of reliable information.

What seems to have happened is that once again smoke is visible from Reactor #3 though the fire in Reactor #4 seems to have been put out. The high level of radiation leaking out during the night has gone down. Though the latest update now say that radiation leakage of up to 6 mSv per hour occurred during a limited time period today.

There are also some contradictory information regarding the personnel at the power plant. Have they been pulled out or not? It seems that most personnel has been pulled out earlier but there are still 50 that continue to work there.

Unfortunately, TEPCO, the company owning the Fukushima Daiichi (#1) and Daini (#2) Power Plants, have not been too forthcoming with information. They provide information about radiation leakage at their web site. However, I can only find information about the Daini (#2) power plant. This plant is not the one with the problems you can see on TV right now, which you can see from this English information at the TEPCO site. All Daini-reactors are in cold shutdown, which basically means that they are off and there is no risk of a meltdown etc.

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    • Haha, yeah the 8.9 earthquake was stated as 7.9 and in Tokyo, resulting in Tokyo harbor being on fire. The facts, 8.9 magnitude about 370 km from Tokyo. And 1 minor fire in Tokyo harbor. It is like Japan is Tokyo. Or is it Tokyo that is Japan?

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