Busy Day

Today was a busy day. Chie has been working a lot lately so to help out I have cooked all food today. Break fast and dinner. Besides that I have updated all our iPads and iPod Touches, though that is more fun work than hard work 😉

In between breakfast and dinner, Chie and I also went to Tokyu Store for grocery shopping. And after that we went to Don Quijote to buy groceries, water and other things to bring to the Tohoku area. Actually we have been doing this during the whole week as some things like water is limited to 1-2 2L bottles per person.

These things we will bring to a person we have come in contact with, Ishihara-san, that has organized collection of groceries and other items to ship them to the Tohoku area for people that are now living in shelters after the earthquake. After our vacation to Hawaii in little over a week I will try to engage more in this kind of activities. Ishihara-san is arranging for trucks to go to a small place in the Tohoku area once a week so there will be plenty of opportunities to help out.

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