It was a long day today. From one aspect it was also an interesting day, but most of the time was quite boring if you ask me. But I got some money for that will go directly to the Tohoku Donation. What it was?

I was an “extra” in a commercial that eventually will be on a home appliance company’s web page here in Japan. Though I cannot say anything about what company or the story I can say this much…

In one of the scenes the perfectly shaped back of my will play a very important role 😉 So important that they had to tell me I had to move around a bit as it looked frozen in time… And could ruin the whole project 😉

Anyway, it was interesting as I already mentioned. At least to some extent. Seeing behind the scenes for this type of commercials. How many people there actually are that are involved in making the commercial come true. Well above 40 people were involved today. And we spent a whole day, around 12 hours, for maybe a few minutes of commercial.

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