We spent the morning at my father’s place before once again climbing into our rental car. First stop was at Jimmy, Emma, Oliver and Nova’s place to return somethig they forgot from yesterday’s dinner.

But only Nova was home. Barking as mad when we rang the doorbell. We could see her throughout the kitchen window 🙂

Then we found our way to my mother’s place in Valbo. After a short rest we headed out for a short trip to IKEA and Valbo Köpcentrum, a small collection of stores in Valbo.

We did not find much we wanted except for some cushions for the kitchen table chairs, and some bed blankets and sheets at KungSängen. During this trio we had grown accustom to having our own blankets rather than sharing a big one 🙂

In the afternoon Robert joined from Uppsala. And we had dinner and watched photos streamed from my iPad to their TV using Apple TV (I am hoping Apple will sponsor my blog any day soon now ;-))

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    • Everyone seems to be looking at different and thinking about different things that have nothing to do with the dinner 😀

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