Yunnan Restaurant

After work today Calle and I joined with Liew and he took us to Beijing’s fashionable area. It was a bit tricky to get there because the Taxis seemed to not want to pick us up for some reason. We tried for 10-15 minutes outside our Beijing office, with several free taxis passing by without wanting to pick us up πŸ™

So we walked to our hotel (15 minutes) and got rid of out bags. Then tool a taxi from the hotel instead. Once at the fashionable area we had a quick visit to a real (yes they have those too) Apple Store where I used the free Internet access πŸ™‚

But our visit here was not for the Apple Store but for dinner. Liew had reserved a table at a Yunnan restaurant. It had a lot of awards for being the best Yunnan restaurant in the area. It was very yummy!

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