Friday 13th and Flying

Have spent a week in Beijing for business. Arrived Monday afternoon and managed a session at the hotel gym before my work colleague arrived and we could jointly go to the office.

The whole week was filled with meetings, even during lunch time. Networking and connecting people (and with people). In the evenings I had dinner with work colleagues, except one night which I spent in the gym. Before going to bed I also had time to watch some football 🙂

Smoggy Beijing Chinese food

Today it is Friday the 13th and it seems like a poor day to travel back to Tokyo, especially with China Airlines. But it all went well and I could spend a busy afternoon at the Tokyo office. Actually, the air in Beijing was probably more risky than flying on Friday the 13th 😉

What to do in Beijing

Not much to do when you are on a business trip. So far I have spent my evenings having a dinner either at the hotel or at a nearby reataurant. Then going straigth back to the hotel before hitting the gym.


Though tonight I will have a dinner with a friend.

Business Trip to Beijing

On Monday afternoon I went to Beijing and arrived at the hotel around 6 pm, going straight to the gym after checking in to my room. Then dinner.

Otherwise the most exciting things that happened during the week was two dinners, one with a Swedish ex-work colleague from Tokyo and another with a Malaysian ex-work colleague from Tokyo. Both were quite good Chinese dinners, with the latter having a main course of Beijing Duck. The “duck restaurant” was a bit special too, they claimed to have been a restaurant since 1416 :-O Fortunately they have upgrade the building since then.

The best part of going to Beijing is anyway… Coming back to Tokyo 🙂

Back from Beijing

Spent a week in Beijing on business. A very busy week with hosting a training for two days and the other days filled with workshops and meetings. In the evenings I had dinner with the external trainer and some colleagues from our Lund office.

The last night of the training we had Peking Duck with the external trainer from Black Duck Software. It was my first time 🙂 The skin was really nice and tasty.

Beijing Again

This week I have been in Beijing on a business trip again. As usual Beijing was grey and smoggy. This time it was also cold, -8 degrees some days. So the river I follow to get to the office in the morning was frozen, but that is an improvement from the greenish and smelly water that usually tries to flow in it.

While away on business trip there is not much you can do. Most of the day you are busy at the office. Once you get off in the evening there is not really any time available to do anything interesting, besides having dinner with friends and go to the gym at the hotel. So that is basically what I did this week too. I went to the gym twice. And had dinner with friends twice.

Then it was time to do the best part of being on a business trip… Coming home 🙂 Though this time I went directly home to have a 3 hours teleconf meeting 🙁