The Story of a Fishing Boat

While the other kept on delivering supplies to various people around Kobuchihama I join with Toru-san to have a look at a second harbor. Today they had almost recovered one of the lost fishing boats and we wanted to have a look at it.

The story of this particular fishing boat begins when the tsunami hits Kobuchihama. The tsunami took it and pushed it all the way up on a mountain side where it got stuck with about 5 other boats of its own size. What to do for a 2 ton fishing boat but to sit there on the mountain side and wait for help. And that’s what it did. For 6 months.

Eventually people came to its and its friend’s rescue. But it was hard work since they had to roll the boats down the mountain side on tree trunks. Finally, today, the boat was back in the harbor with only one more obstacle to clear.

After some tries the boat was dragged over the barrier and safe back in the harbor. Though you could only hint a smile on the boat, my guess is that it was as relieved and happy as its owner.

The End.

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