STEP Dinner

Today Chie and I joined the Japanese National STEP Committee for a dinner at the Lions. It was a lot of familiar faces from when I worked with STEP in the ISO so it was fun time meeting them again, even though some of them I have met a few times since I left the STEP community.

Oku-san was there as well. I have had quite some contact with Oku-san recently as I have helped him investigate SymbioCity, which is an initiative of the Swedish Trade Council to share knowledge, competence, and solutions about building sustainable cities. Knowledge and competence that Swedish companies have developed during last 30-50 years and applied in various projects around in Sweden, one of most successful so far being Hammarby Sjöstad.

Anyway, back to the dinner… It was OK food and fun company. Though I was a bit tired after a long week.

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