Surfing in Kiahuna

We went back to Kiahuna today, our last day in Kauai. Yesterday we had arranged for Robert to take a surfing lesson in the afternoon. The morning we spent as usual by playing in the water (waves were big today too), reading, sleeping and eating.

At 2 pm Robert joined the surfing lesson. First they spent some time on the beach learning how to get up on the board. After a while they were ready for the ocean. Robert did well and managed to ride the board on his first attempt, maybe not the most beautiful pose but… 😉

While Robert was surfing Chie and I continued to relax and to play in the water. Note the dog surfing behind Chie, I wonder if the dog has been to a surf school?

Once Robert was finished with his surf lesson we all went to the Lava’s bar next to the beach to celebrate Robert’s kickoff as a surfer. But Robert was too tired to stay so he returned to the beach, ate all my protein bars, and slept until Chie and I were back from our celebration.

At around 5:30 pm we decided it was time to return home. We stopped by a gas station to fill up the car and then a short stop at the Poipu Shopping Village for some final purchases before we returned home. Again we were just in time for a stunning sunset.

2 thoughts on “Surfing in Kiahuna

  1. My first ride was the best one I think, even though my pose looks kind of silly in that pic. 😀

    Your protein bar was delicious by the way!

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