Final Day at Kiahuna

This is the end my friend. The final day. We spent it at Kiahuna. The waves seemed to know it was our last day. They were bigger than usual. And very fun to play in 🙂

Oh, and a monk seal had come to say bye too. It was cutely sleeping at the end of the beach.

Also, in the evening we learned that Kauai chickens smoke if they get the opportunity. So we were gently asked to not smoke so that they could quit their bad habit.

2 Lazy Monk Seals

And I’m not talking about Chie and me 🙂

Actually we saw 3 different Monk Seals at the Poipu beach today. When we were on our way to Kiahuna beach in the morning we saw something was going on at Poipu beach so we stopped there. Lucky for us. A young Monk seal was playing in the water a few meters from the beach. In the evening we found out that it most likely from the Nihau island because it could not be recognized (no ID tag and no marks).

Once we had satisfied our Monk seal interest we continued to Kiahuna beach where we spent the rest of the day, playing in the waves, eating, reading and relaxing.

On our way back home we stopped at Poipu beach again to check the Monk seal. It turned out the 1 seal had turned into 2… Different ones. They had stranded on a strip of beach together and was doing what Chie and I had done most of the day, resting.

Aloha from Kauai

Arrived in Honolulu yesterday and spent the day there shopping, and dinner at our usual place Takonoki. 

Today we arrived in Kauai and directly went to Poiou beach to find the Andersson family. We didn’t… At first. After a second try we found them. Just about to leave. We talked and played with the kids for about 30 minutes. I seemed to have turned into something to climb during the flight to Kauai because the two kids (Kai and Kai) was climbing me the whole time. Both at the same time. Phew.

After about 30 minuts they had to leave to catch their flight. Chie and I went to Kiahuna beach where we enjoyed the afternoon in a quiet and relaxing way.

Surfing in Kiahuna

We went back to Kiahuna today, our last day in Kauai. Yesterday we had arranged for Robert to take a surfing lesson in the afternoon. The morning we spent as usual by playing in the water (waves were big today too), reading, sleeping and eating.

At 2 pm Robert joined the surfing lesson. First they spent some time on the beach learning how to get up on the board. After a while they were ready for the ocean. Robert did well and managed to ride the board on his first attempt, maybe not the most beautiful pose but… 😉

While Robert was surfing Chie and I continued to relax and to play in the water. Note the dog surfing behind Chie, I wonder if the dog has been to a surf school?

Once Robert was finished with his surf lesson we all went to the Lava’s bar next to the beach to celebrate Robert’s kickoff as a surfer. But Robert was too tired to stay so he returned to the beach, ate all my protein bars, and slept until Chie and I were back from our celebration.

At around 5:30 pm we decided it was time to return home. We stopped by a gas station to fill up the car and then a short stop at the Poipu Shopping Village for some final purchases before we returned home. Again we were just in time for a stunning sunset.