Moloa Bay (Coffee Farm)

Went to Moloa Bay for a day in the sun. In Kapaa town we stopped at Moloa Bay Coffee store to buy coffee.

After the beach we stopped at Moloa Bay Coffee farm to get a tour by the owners John and Daphne. They showed us their coffee trees and, more importantly, their cocoa trees. And cinnamon trees and banana trees and much more. Very friendly.

Friends at Moloa Bay Cocoa

In evening we had leftovers at home while watching American Idol.

2 thoughts on “Moloa Bay (Coffee Farm)

  1. Did the cinnamon three smell like, eh, cinnamon? I wonder if you use all of the cinnamon bark to make the spice…

    • Yes, the cinnamon that you put in buns are from the bark but even when you rub the leaves with your hands you can smell the cinnamon 🙂

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