Another Day at Moloa Bay

Forecast was good for our favorite beach so we again went to Moloa Bay. To our surprise, the rain was pouring down when we arrived. Basically it was blue sky everywhere except over “our” beach. We sat in the car for 10 minutes until the rain stopped and the sky cleared. The rest of the day was great. 

Moloa Bay

Checking the weather forecast in the morning we found that Moloa Bay was going to have sun with some clouds the whole day. So we went there, and it turned out the forecast was wrong. We had a wonderfully blue sky the whole day.

3 x Moloa Bay

Today we ended a three day streak of going to a Moloa Bay, or maybe tomorrow (depending of how you see it). Anyhow, weekends are usually busy for the beaches in the south so we spent Friday, Saturday and Sunday at Moloa Bay in the North-East. Wonderful days. Beautiful weather.

Moloa Bay (Coffee Farm)

Went to Moloa Bay for a day in the sun. In Kapaa town we stopped at Moloa Bay Coffee store to buy coffee.

After the beach we stopped at Moloa Bay Coffee farm to get a tour by the owners John and Daphne. They showed us their coffee trees and, more importantly, their cocoa trees. And cinnamon trees and banana trees and much more. Very friendly.

Friends at Moloa Bay Cocoa

In evening we had leftovers at home while watching American Idol.