Delta Machine and Stomach Flu

In the morning I downloaded my pre-ordered Depeche Mode Delta Machine album to my iPhone – it was released today. Listened to it throughout the morning. The album was good (though a bit darker and harder than previous albums) and many of the songs are of a character that they will grow on you.

Depeche Mode - Delta Machie

By lunch time I felt really bad. I went home. Slept throughout most of the day, with a small exception from praying to the porcelain good. In the evening Chie had bought me salad and I had half of it – the only thing I had to eat since breakfast, which I actually had offered to the porcelain good. Then I went back to sleep.

Lymph System – An Update

My lymph system on the right side of my neck and head is almost back to normal now. No coloring. It is not swollen. And not painful to touch, though it feels kind of “off” for lack of better wording. Anyway, the vacation is still on and just a day away 🙂

Lymph System

Since somewhere in the middle of my trip to California my lymph system on the right side of my neck and head has been swollen. On the head it has gotten so bad that it looks like I have hit my head hard on a rock in 4-5 different places resulting in bulging red marks that are really painful to the touch. Most likely this is a result that I have for the last 5 weeks or more had a cold that I don’t seem to get rid of fully. This cold started with fever when I was snowboarding in Shiga-kogen a while back.

Now I am back in Tokyo from my trip to California and my neck and head still hurts, but not as bad as during the trip. The coloring has gone down and it is not so swollen anymore. Hopefully it will be fully gone by the time we go to Hawaii for vacation.