Delta Machine and Stomach Flu

In the morning I downloaded my pre-ordered Depeche Mode Delta Machine album to my iPhone – it was released today. Listened to it throughout the morning. The album was good (though a bit darker and harder than previous albums) and many of the songs are of a character that they will grow on you.

Depeche Mode - Delta Machie

By lunch time I felt really bad. I went home. Slept throughout most of the day, with a small exception from praying to the porcelain good. In the evening Chie had bought me salad and I had half of it – the only thing I had to eat since breakfast, which I actually had offered to the porcelain good. Then I went back to sleep.

Stayed Home

Chie was home yesterday and the day before in some stomach flu thing. She was nice enough to give it to me as well… So I spent the night with some fever and not sleeping well. The end result? I stayed home today, which was relaxing but a bit boring. But the main objective was reached… I got better.