Visit to Tsukiji

We visited Tsukiji with a mission to buy katsuo bushi (smoked, dried bonito flakes). We left home at 6:30 and came back at 11:30 with what we set out to buy and sashimi for dinner.
Not only did we buy things, we also enjoyed just walking around watching all the small shops. We found a tuna at display for the neat price of 23,000 JPY (just about $200 USD) per kg.

Clisp Salad and Sausage

Tonight dinner was inspired by a salad we had last time we visited Clisp (very nice restaurant in Yotsuya,, with a small addition of a handmade (though not by me) sausage.
What about salad, you wonder? Rucola, watercress, avocado, dill, walnuts, and mint. All topped with lemon juice, olive oil, pinch of salt, and black pepper. On the side, danish sour dough bread from Brod ( and cheese from Fermier ( Yummy it was, said Yoda.