Going Home

All good things comes to an end. Today we left Kauaii and went back home to Tokyo via Honolulu. We had to leave Poipu Plantation already around 5 am. No breakfast. But we had prepared Sandwiches the night before that we had at the airport.

After a 30 minutes flight we were back in Honolulu. We could see a lot of Japanese people. You could main recognize them by the mask they were wearing. Hmm, I think the news about swine flu have reached the Japanese news sites.

Once back at Narita (Japan) it was obvious that swine flu was taken seriously by the Japanese authorities. We could see people prepared to take care of sick people. They were dressed in blue clothes from top to toe. Wearing masks and googles.

The only thing for us to do was to go home. And have some BBQ pork at Yasaka for dinner.

Oh, I almost forgot… The Northwest/Delta crew on our flight… One of the best crews ever. Not only were they polite and friendly the whole flight, but Chie and I also got a bottle of Champagne to bring with us home 🙂

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