They are Everywhere

Even in a far away place like Hawai’i you can always count on finding them. Crawled out of the black hole. Proudly wearing silver and black.

Returning Home

Woke up early to go to the airport. The sad day when vacation is over has finally arrived 🙁

We all travelled together to Honolulu were Robert spent his transition waiting time in downtown Honolulu while Chie and I spent most of it in the Delta lounge watching Football on TV and monitoring the Pittsburgh @ Oakland game on the Internet. Looked like a loss again (but once we were back home we found out it was a sensational come-back win :-D).

Going to Hawaii

We departed Narita at 20 minutes past 9 pm, sitting comfortable on the second floor of a 747. Once we were allowed we declined our seats horizontally and slept. Well, except for the dinner and breakfast.

When we arrived at the Honolulu airport it was still morning the same day, al,ost time to go to the office… Except we were half a world away, and on vacation 🙂

Once the shuttle bus dropped us off at the hotel we thought we could check in quickly and meet Robert in his room, but that was not going to happen. The Waikiki Sand Villa had messed up our booking. The first message I got when asking about Robert and his room was that he never checked in :-O

It turned out that because I booked online for all 3 of us and then sent an email to the hotel to ask them to give us connecting room they had booked 4 rooms instead of 2. Finally, after having refused to pay for all four rooms (only after that had they cleared things up) we checked into our room.

Knocking on the door to Robert’s room was without result. Turned out they put him in another room and us in his room.

Once we met we got ready for shopping. Though neither Chie nor I found much to shop this time… What a disappointment 😉

Back at the hotel we had 5 minutes rest before Chie went on a shopping tour in Waikiki while Robert and I walk around. Finally ending up on the beach just in time for some rain and rainbow before the sun set.


After the sun set we slowly walked to Duke’s restaurant where we had a table for 3 reserved at 7:15 pm. The dinner was quite OK for being American, and the desert was humongous.

Back at the hotel Chie and I dropped dead in our beds, and I guess Robert did the same in his.


Woke up and went almost at once to the airport for the 30 minutes flight to Kauai. In Kauai we got our rental car and drove to sunny Poipu where we checked in at our usual room.

After a quick unpacking we drove to the Kiahuna beach and placed ourselves under a palm tree. The group of 6 Americans that we usually see here were here this year too. Same chairs. Same umbrella drinks. Same sun protected white noses. They just look older, in difference from Chie and I 😉

It was great being back at Kauai. Sand was warm. Weather was great. Water looked beautiful. My book was good. Company was great 🙂

We left the beach around 5:30 pm and did some grocery shopping before heading back home. At home we cooked and ate Japanese curry and salad. Yummy.

By 9:30 I was in bed sleeping (( _ _ ))..zzzZZ