Nube (almost like the Swedish “nubbe” which means snaps) is a very likable restaurant in Sangen-jaya, only two stations out of Shibuya. But it makes all the difference. Where Shibuya is busy with people, teenagers, and wanna-be-hip people, Sangen-jaya is not. It is calm and relaxed neighborhood.

Mori & Mina

Chie and I were going to Nube to meet Mina-sensei and Mori-san for dinner. Mori-san is a classmate of mine at Mina-sensei’s tea ceremony class.

The specialty of Nube is smoked things. From pork to Japanese omelette. We tried many different things during the evening and most was really good. But best was the atmosphere and the friendly owners, two guys also working in the restaurant.

We had a fun time at Nube. Talking. Laughing. Eating. Just enjoying the company after a long week of work.

As always when you have fun time flies. Suddenly it was midnight and we had to get home before our ride turned into a pumpkin. We were just in time (probably since we are in a different time zone than Cinderella).


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