J Edgar & Le Petit Tonneau

Chie and I met with CLub Leo to watch the latest of Leo(nardio) DiCaprio‘s movies, J Edgar. The movie was interesting in some sense but it was slow and a bit of a sleeping pill.

Afterwards we had dinner at a French restaurant, Le Petit Tonneau. The food was fine, but the absolute best part was the deserts. Unfortunately I did not pick the best one this time 🙁 I had a wonderful bowl of chocolate mousse though, but Non had a marvelous apple pie that I had a small bite of. I think I have to return just for the apple pie 🙂

Alice & Khyber

Another day with Club Leo. We met at Seibu to watch Alice in Wonderland. A quite nice movie with Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton.

After the movie we took a long walk to Show-dori. Then continued the long walk along Showa-dori to Khyber. An Indian restaurant, where we had… Guess what? Indian food. And talked. And laughed. The food was nice and the company good.

Yasaka with Work Colleagues & Friends

Once my meeting had finished at 7 pm I left the office. I met up with Martin Dremo (work colleague from Lund) in the Shinagawa station. Together we went to Yasaka for dinner.

At first it was only Martin and me, then Andreas (work colleague here in Japan) and Jonas (chef at Swedish Embassy) and Andrea (friend of Jonas) dropped by. Soon Chie came as well.

Together we had a fun time. Eating. Drinking. Talking. Laughing. And we killed Tanaka-san at least a hundred time.

Tanaka-san is a guy working at Yasaka. He is from the Osaka area and can, thus, be killed by a “hand” gun or an air sword.

Shutter Island

Another weekend day with Club Leo. As usual we went to a movie first then to a restaurant for dinner.

Today’s movie was Shutter Island. Quite entertaining while watching but not so memorable. The restaurant, or bistro, Uokin was quite OK. Very cheap, price wise that is.


Met Andreas and his Family, Stina, Emil, Simon, Ulf, and Elisabeth at Yasaka after work. We spent a few hours there eating and playing with the kids. Well, mostly Chie played with the kids… Killing them with Japanese imaginary swords. And they tried to kill her with “hand” guns, without success.

Once they kids got tired we brought the Baskin-Robbins ice cream that Chie had bought in Naka-Meguro. They happily ate and was surprisingly quiet for a while 😉 And I was a bit jealous since I had to eat grilled chicken wings, grilled bamboo shots and other grown-up dishes 😛