Shopping Day in Lihue

Rainy day = shopping day. Almost like clockwork there is one day out of 10-12 that is rainy when we stay in Kauai. This year as well. It was today. So we do as we always do, we went shopping.

Mostly gifts to bring to the office. Like Macadamia nut chocolate and Kauai Coffee. I always buy some books at Borders Book Shop. I found a pair of new bath shorts as well. Not at the book shop though 😉

One of the bath shorts I have is from when Chie and I went to Bali. About 7-8 years ago. It’s about time they got replaced.

Otherwise the most exciting thing that happened today was that we saw two small lizards hunting and killing a moth.

And then it was rain. And rain. And rain. It rained (cats & dogs – I went out and got soaked in 3 seconds) constantly from when we got back from a short visit at the Kiahuna beach after the shopping until when I am writing this at 7:30 pm.

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