Kiahuna and Lihue

Went to Kiahuna in the morning, after a brief stop to buy a new pair of swim shorts for me. Stayed at the beach until 2 pm when the sky got black.


We went shopping in Lihue instead. A pair of jeans, new Maui Jim for Chie and me, and vitamins among other things.

Dinner was crab cream sauce pasta. Yummy!

Na Pali

At 10 am we were sitting in a small rubber boat of the type that Navy Seals use. We were joined by 8 other and two crew members – Captain Danny and Austin (family original from Sweden – now in Minnesota).

Captain Danny run the boat hard jumping on the waves. Though it was a bit difficult to hold on in the beginning it was great fun, and after a while you got used to it and it was just great fun.

The weather was great and we could cover the whole Na Pali (west) coast all the way up to Ke’e beach. Going into some caves on the way up – and later on again on the way down. We also stopped at some spots to take photos of the beautiful coast line.

Around noon we stopped at an 800 year old fishing village, or rather the remains of it. We did some snorkeling, had lunch and a guided tour of the remains of the fishing village. There were a few important things to remember from the guided tour.

First, the village was covered by the largest Noni tree colony in Hawaii. And Noni is super fruit that can be used for many things including curing some cancer.

Second, the goddess of fire that created the islands of Hawaii marks them with an X when she is finished with an island. All islands except Big Island, which still have active volcanos and is still growing, have a big X on a west phasing mountain side.

Third, sea turtles stink 🙂 We had 11 turtles on the beach that we could watch (and smell) from a close distance.

On our way back to the harbor in Waimea it started to rain. It cooled things down but it never got really cold. And though we were wet and tired once we reached the harbor we were all very happy – it had been a great trip along a beautiful coast.

It was still raining when we got into the car so we decided to spend the last 2 hours before returning home with some shopping in Lihue. Robert and I visited a Vitamin store where there was a Swedish woman working. So Robert discussed all his purchases in Swedish – kind of strange 🙂

Poipu Beach

It was raining heavily with thunderstorms the whole night. We sleep with the windows open so I woke up shortly a few times.

In the morning it was still a grey sky, rain hanging in the air. We decided to go to Lihue for some shopping. Chie found some purses and I finally find the Sanuk shoes sandals I have been looking for.

We also had time to stop at Wal-Mart to buy some chocolate for our offices. And some coffee for our friends.

Once our shopping was done we returned to beach life. This time at the Poipu Beach. We had lunch at the Marriot pool side before spending the rest of the day either in the sand or in the ocean.

We stayed at the beach until 5:30 pm exhausted. It is hard work reading books in the hot sand 😉 And we also did a lot of swimming.

At home we prepared dinner. Tonight it was mustard cream sauce chicken, and salad. Yummy!

Kiahuna Day

Second day in a row it is raining in Sunny Poipu :-O We spent the morning going to Lihue again to check the Mac Made Easy store. If they had an iPad. They had, but not the one I wanted 🙁

It feels like the Soup Nazi has turned into iPad Nazi and every time I sneak into a store to try to buy an iPad, he pops up and screams “NO iPAD FOR YOU!”.

We went back to (the not so) Sunny Poipu. And it was almost back to its normal sunny state. Well, it was still cloudy but it had stopped raining so we went to Kiahuna to play in the waves.

First stop in Kiahuna though, was not the sea but the restaurant at the hotel. We had a watery Caesar Salad and a cheese burger with fries.

After lunch we played in the waves. Which were quite big today. Its so much fun you almost does not feel when it is time to get out of the water (teeth rattling and lips blue just as when you were a kid).

In the evening I had a walk down to the ocean (2 minutes walk from Poipu Plantation). To take some photos.

When we cooked dinner it hit me again that Americans are a strange people. Much of their designs are quite rough and big and not so well thought through. As their stoves. How can someone think about putting the control nob on the back of the stove so that if your pasta water boils over you need to reach through the hot steam to turn down the heat?

Shopping Day in Lihue

Rainy day = shopping day. Almost like clockwork there is one day out of 10-12 that is rainy when we stay in Kauai. This year as well. It was today. So we do as we always do, we went shopping.

Mostly gifts to bring to the office. Like Macadamia nut chocolate and Kauai Coffee. I always buy some books at Borders Book Shop. I found a pair of new bath shorts as well. Not at the book shop though 😉

One of the bath shorts I have is from when Chie and I went to Bali. About 7-8 years ago. It’s about time they got replaced.

Otherwise the most exciting thing that happened today was that we saw two small lizards hunting and killing a moth.

And then it was rain. And rain. And rain. It rained (cats & dogs – I went out and got soaked in 3 seconds) constantly from when we got back from a short visit at the Kiahuna beach after the shopping until when I am writing this at 7:30 pm.