Kiahuna Day

Second day in a row it is raining in Sunny Poipu :-O We spent the morning going to Lihue again to check the Mac Made Easy store. If they had an iPad. They had, but not the one I wanted 🙁

It feels like the Soup Nazi has turned into iPad Nazi and every time I sneak into a store to try to buy an iPad, he pops up and screams “NO iPAD FOR YOU!”.

We went back to (the not so) Sunny Poipu. And it was almost back to its normal sunny state. Well, it was still cloudy but it had stopped raining so we went to Kiahuna to play in the waves.

First stop in Kiahuna though, was not the sea but the restaurant at the hotel. We had a watery Caesar Salad and a cheese burger with fries.

After lunch we played in the waves. Which were quite big today. Its so much fun you almost does not feel when it is time to get out of the water (teeth rattling and lips blue just as when you were a kid).

In the evening I had a walk down to the ocean (2 minutes walk from Poipu Plantation). To take some photos.

When we cooked dinner it hit me again that Americans are a strange people. Much of their designs are quite rough and big and not so well thought through. As their stoves. How can someone think about putting the control nob on the back of the stove so that if your pasta water boils over you need to reach through the hot steam to turn down the heat?

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