An Old Friend

Today we met an old friend of ours at Kiahuna beach. “V20” the monk seal was again laying lazily at the beach. Of course we went there to say hello, though he seemed not to recognize us. Probably asleep.

The rest of the day we spent reading, talking, Chie drinking some Mai Tai, playing in the water and just relaxing and enjoying our last day in Kaua’i… For this time 😎

We stayed at Kiahuna beach until 6 pm, enjoying the last rays of warm sun before we had to leave.

Before leaving we walked up to a newly married couple laying next to us on the beach. They would stay about 1 more week at Kaua’i so we gave them our sun chairs. Kind of to return the favor to the one that gave them to us. Pass it on 🙂

Then it was the last preparations before going back to Japan. $10 Kauai chocolate for Johan. $25 gas for the car. $X XXXX for a friend (the X:es are just in case the friend reads this ;-)). And then home for dinner and packing.

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