2 Lazy Monk Seals

And I’m not talking about Chie and me 🙂

Actually we saw 3 different Monk Seals at the Poipu beach today. When we were on our way to Kiahuna beach in the morning we saw something was going on at Poipu beach so we stopped there. Lucky for us. A young Monk seal was playing in the water a few meters from the beach. In the evening we found out that it most likely from the Nihau island because it could not be recognized (no ID tag and no marks).

Once we had satisfied our Monk seal interest we continued to Kiahuna beach where we spent the rest of the day, playing in the waves, eating, reading and relaxing.

On our way back home we stopped at Poipu beach again to check the Monk seal. It turned out the 1 seal had turned into 2… Different ones. They had stranded on a strip of beach together and was doing what Chie and I had done most of the day, resting.

An Old Friend

Today we met an old friend of ours at Kiahuna beach. “V20” the monk seal was again laying lazily at the beach. Of course we went there to say hello, though he seemed not to recognize us. Probably asleep.

The rest of the day we spent reading, talking, Chie drinking some Mai Tai, playing in the water and just relaxing and enjoying our last day in Kaua’i… For this time 😎

We stayed at Kiahuna beach until 6 pm, enjoying the last rays of warm sun before we had to leave.

Before leaving we walked up to a newly married couple laying next to us on the beach. They would stay about 1 more week at Kaua’i so we gave them our sun chairs. Kind of to return the favor to the one that gave them to us. Pass it on 🙂

Then it was the last preparations before going back to Japan. $10 Kauai chocolate for Johan. $25 gas for the car. $X XXXX for a friend (the X:es are just in case the friend reads this ;-)). And then home for dinner and packing.

Poipu Beach… Again

I am starting to get annoyed at the monk seals now. Today another one was stranded at Poipu Beach. Result? Half the beach was sealed off for him (guess it was a him from the size). No space for us humans 😉

And the ocean was full of sea turtles. At least we saw two turtles again. They seem to come in towards the beach to eat sea weed from the rocks, or whatever they eat.

And everywhere there are chickens (wild chickens). Today a cardinal visited too. And we gave him a piece of bred. He seemed very happy.

Too many animals. Cannot concentrate on reading so I had some chips instead.

At 5 pm we went home and had crab cream sauce past with salad for dinner. Yummy!

Monk Seals at Poipu

We made it safe today and went to Poipu Beach. It is close. And always almost always sunny. Today it was sunny. And crowded with monk seals. Or at least two were visiting the beach.

Monk seals at Poipu beach

It was quite fun watching them. They stayed until around 2:30 pm and then they swam away between the snorkelers.

We stayed at the Poipu beach until 5 pm. Then a short visit to the grocery store before returning home for dinner. Tomato herb chicken and salad. Yummy!


We woke up to another day of indecision. Where to go? So many beaches to choose from. But being lazy we went back to Kiahuna. And spent the day there. Reading. Talking. Playing in the water.

Johan at Kiahuna Chie at Kiahuna

And watching another monk seal. This one was bigger. So my guess, it was older than 6 months.

Monk seal at Kiahuna

In the evening we took a walk to Poipu beach again. Looked at some coco nuts. And watched the sunset.

Coco nuts Sunset in Poipu