Kiahuna Beach

Spent most of the day at Kiahuna Beach. At just before 5 pm we went to Kukui’ula Shopping Village to visit the Farmer’s Market. It has grown year by year, and this year it was a lot of people. We were lucky a car just left as we arrived so we could park at once. 

We bought some meat for dinner, and a coconut ice cream each. Yummy.


Today we got a note on our door, halftime cleaning 🙁 Not to the cleaning but to it already being halftime. Well, can’t be negative… Just enjoy the time here 🙂

Today we spent the morning at Salt Pond. For some reason it was cloudy, and somewhat windy. The temperature was a bit too cool to get into the water, but it was perfect for a nap. I slept deeply for an hour or so.


At around 1:30 pm we drove to Kiahuna. There the sun was shining. We played in the waves (yeah, you can still play in the waves even at 45 and beyond).

In the evening we had crab cream sauce pasta at “home” and it was delicious.


Spent our final day at the Kiahuna beach. Big waves, sun and lots of fun.

Another monk seal hand stranded at about the same place as the one we saw the first day. This one had some nasty scars on the back, but seemed quite comfortable in the sun next to an on-the-beach wedding.

Chie and Monk seal at Kiahuna

In the evening we packed and had our traditional last-evening pizza.

Kiahuna and Lihue

Went to Kiahuna in the morning, after a brief stop to buy a new pair of swim shorts for me. Stayed at the beach until 2 pm when the sky got black.


We went shopping in Lihue instead. A pair of jeans, new Maui Jim for Chie and me, and vitamins among other things.

Dinner was crab cream sauce pasta. Yummy!


Spent most of the day in the shadow of a palm tree at Kiahuna. The monk seal was gone, but we still had a great time 🙂


Afterwards we went to Tortilla Republic for drinks. Chie had a Mai Tai and I had a virgin Strawberry Daiquiri.

Once at home we had kalbi for dinner. Yummy!