Another Weekend with Coco the Dog

We spent yet another weekend with Coco the dog in Tokorozawa. As usual we did not do much, except cooking and walking Coco the dog. The food was yummy and Coco the dog enjoyed the walking πŸ™‚

It is starting to get quite warm outside now. This weekend it was 30 degrees. And I was in shorts and t-shirt all the time, and it was pleasant 8-), well I did not sleep in shorts and t-shirt but that was basically the only time I did not wear that outfit πŸ˜‰

We also bought water for money that some people have donated to us. 14 boxes of 6x2l of water, which meant 168 liters. Chie’s mother also donated a kotatsu (Japanese table with built in heater), which one of the families in Kobuchihama had asked for (the nights up there are still quite cold). It will be shipped June 9-10.

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