I recently went to Sweden for a business trip. I bought a lot of things that I cannot find in Japan. I also found a clock for the wall that I though was pretty cool, and Chie and I had been talking about replacing our very expensive clock from IKEA (300 JPY ~ 25 SEK).

The funny thing was that when I got back to Japan and showed the clock to Chie we found out that all the text inside the box was in Japanese. It turned out that the +-0 brand actually is Japanese :-O

4 thoughts on “+-0

  1. Hello johan and chie.
    Nathan thanks so much for his shirt, i will send
    A photo to your email later on.
    Hope every thing is okey with you guys.
    Here it’s start to be summer and it’s warm in the air.
    How is every thing in japan now?
    Hope to se you soon.
    We planning to go to Bangkok in beginning
    of December and stay for almost 3 months.
    Wish you all the best

    Nathan, Henrik and sherry

    • Looking forward to the photo ๐Ÿ™‚

      In Tokyo everything is fine. It is getting hotter and hotter though today was perfect temperature. We may be coming to Sweden in August, depending on air ticket availability and prices.

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