Coco has a New Home

After two weeks staying with us Coco found a new home. Though it is really sad to let him go it is what is best for him. At his new home he has someone that can care for him the whole days, he is living on top of a pet hospital (with the owner), a beauty salon for pets and has 4 cats and a dog as friends. He seems to have adapted quickly and is now a full member of their family.

Help with Work

As Coco is staying with us temporarily he is kind enough to help me with my work. We spend the days working together, though sometimes (most of the time) he gets tired and sleeps on the sofa or on the floor.

Coco Staying with Us

Circumstances, a word of mixed feelings. On the one hand negative and on the other hand positive. The positive side of the circumstances in this case is that Coco the dog will be staying with us for a while.