Gamarjobat at Otodama Sea Studio

Chie and I met Non and Ryo inside the Otodama Sea Studio at Zushi beach. We were excited about another Gamarjobat show. But it took quite a while for Gamarjobat to show up. First there was a duo with one guitar that sang 3 songs.

Then there was another duo on piano and drums. Singing nothing at all. It was an interesting show they put up. The pianist looked a bit like Klas Ingesson (a Swedish soccer player) when he still had some hair. The drummer looked, or rather more behaved, like Animal the Muppet.

The music they played was Mozart on speed. No kidding. Check out Pia-no-Jac if you want to know more about them. I can just summarize their show as… CRAZY!!!

Then the main attraction was on… Gamarjobat. They both ended up taking a swim in the ocean so most of the time they were soaked wet on the scene. But funny, though not as funny as previous shows.

After the show we all went to Shinagawa to have an Indian dinner at Delhi Corner. Yummy!

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