Chie and I met Club Leo in Shibuya. We had tickets to watch Gamarjobat… Again 🙂 It was their last show on this tour that covered all 23 wards of Tokyo.


This show was one of the better that they have done the last couple of years or so. At least of the ones that we have watched. The only bad part with this show was that I was brought up on stage. They had a black screen that they use for different things, like the Escalator. This time they also used it as a magic screen. They walked in as “humans” from one side and came out as “chickens” on the other side… Well, that’s when they brought me up on stage and let me know by body language that they wanted me to walk through the “magic” behind the screen… Oh, I forgot that the one that picked me up was the one with the red mohican and, at least when he picked me up, a devilish smile on his face.

Gamarjobat on stage

So, there I was, on the stage in front of 2800 people just about to make a fool out of myself. So I take a deep breath and walk in behind the screen and when I came out on the other side I was walking like a chicken, “MAGIC!” I quickly turn around and see the screen about 2 meters away, thinking to myself “it is over soon, just a few more step.” Then I see a red mohican and an even more devilish smile behind the screen looking at me as he starts to move the screen away from me. Damn it if I was not the quickest chicken the 2800 in the audience have ever seen.

Afterwards I got a cherry lollipop and a big round of applause before I could return to the safety of my seat. At least there were no one besides Chie, Non and Ryo that knew me in the audience 🙂

Afterwards Chie and I walked around in Shibuya before we again joined Club Leo for dinner. Yummy!

Les Misérables

We met with Club Leo today to watch the Les Misérables Musical/Movie. The only comment I have regarding this movie is… What a fitting name 😉

Miserable ticket Snow sculptures in Yurakucho

After the movie we all walked to Daba India for some spicy Indian food. On our way we passed some snow sculptures outside the Yurakucho station.

Indian curry Gifts from Non and Ryo

Before splitting up we shared some gifts from our recent travels, or rather Non and Ryo shared with us because Chie and I have not been traveling…

Godzilla meets Club Leo

Met with Club Leo to watch “We Bought a Zoo“. Yeah, it might not sound so exciting but was actually a very nice movie, and great if you have kids in ages 8-13.

Afterwards we got into a battle with Godzilla on our way to dinner.

In Ebisu we had dinner at Mai Thai… Yes, a Thai restaurant with decent prices and good food.

J Edgar & Le Petit Tonneau

Chie and I met with CLub Leo to watch the latest of Leo(nardio) DiCaprio‘s movies, J Edgar. The movie was interesting in some sense but it was slow and a bit of a sleeping pill.

Afterwards we had dinner at a French restaurant, Le Petit Tonneau. The food was fine, but the absolute best part was the deserts. Unfortunately I did not pick the best one this time 🙁 I had a wonderful bowl of chocolate mousse though, but Non had a marvelous apple pie that I had a small bite of. I think I have to return just for the apple pie 🙂