Dinner at Yasaka

“Dagen före doppardagen” – they day before the dipping day, if translated straight to English from Swedish. The meaning is that it is the day before the Christmas evening. Old tradition in Sweden is to use buljong from cooking the ham to dip perhaps dry bred in and eat, hence Christmas eve became the long awaited “dipping day” when old dry bread became a little bit easier to eat.

Fortunately we do not need to rely on buljong from cooking the ham to enjoy our bread or food today. We went to Yasaka instead. With Martin and his friend Anders. Martin works at Sony Ericsson and Anders was visiting from Sweden over Christmas and New Year.

We had a good time eating and talking. I think that Martin and Anders enjoyed the food and atmosphere at Yasaka almost as much as we do.

Johan, Chie, Martin and Anders at Yasaka

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