Tohoku Visit

We got on an early Shinkansen to Sendai on Saturday. From Sendai we drove a rental car to Kobuchihama where we checked in at Atagoso.


Once checked in we went on a visiting trip to all our friends. One of te stop were at Mei’s grandparents. As usual she was there.


After visiting many friends we got back to Aragoso for dinner. We had so much to eat, all things from the sea. Including an unlimited number of sea urchin.


On Sunday we continued our tour around to meet with friends. We had a short stop at the harbor to have a look at Koshi’ boat and the hundreds of flatfish that he and his crew caught.

In the afternoon we visited Fukukiura. Another new born baby.


Then it was time to return to Tokyo. 2 hours drive to Sendai. Dinner. 1.5 hours ride on Shinkansen to Tokyo. Toku picking us up and driving us home. Exhausted. Sleep.