Support Tohoku Earthquake Victims!

Do you want to support the victims of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, and at the same time know exactly where the money goes? The Tohoku Donation page was created to do just that, support the victims of the earthquake/tsunami but also enable donators to track where the money goes.

Kiahuna Beach

Spent most of the day at Kiahuna Beach. At just before 5 pm we went to Kukui’ula Shopping Village to visit the Farmer’s Market. It has grown year by year, and this year it was a lot of people. We were lucky a car just left as we arrived so we could park at once. 

We bought some meat for dinner, and a coconut ice cream each. Yummy.

Another Day at Moloa Bay

Forecast was good for our favorite beach so we again went to Moloa Bay. To our surprise, the rain was pouring down when we arrived. Basically it was blue sky everywhere except over “our” beach. We sat in the car for 10 minutes until the rain stopped and the sky cleared. The rest of the day was great. 

Sun Setting in Poipu

Before dinner we walk (less than 2 min) down to the ocean to watch the sun set.

Moloa Bay

We and a Hawaiian Monk Seal spent a wonderful, sunny day at the Moloa Bay. Our favorite beach.

Finders, Keepers?

It’s amazing what you find on beaches here in Kauai. When running this morning I found this on the beach. Can I keep it? 🙂

Rainy Day

Spent an hour or so at Kiahuna Beach before it started to rain. The sky looked dark everywhere so we decided to leave and go shopping instead. Before we left though we could watch 3 Hawaiian Monk seals playing in the water. Lovely.

Waikiki Beach

We had a very short stop at Waikiki beach after some shopping in the afternoon.