Rainy Day

Spent an hour or so at Kiahuna Beach before it started to rain. The sky looked dark everywhere so we decided to leave and go shopping instead. Before we left though we could watch 3 Hawaiian Monk seals playing in the water. Lovely.

Waikiki Beach

We had a very short stop at Waikiki beach after some shopping in the afternoon.

Tea Ceremony

Did my monthly tea ceremony today. Though last month I was not well so had to skip it. 

Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping during cherry blossom is a pain in the a…, scuse me, behind. Too many people makes nearly impossible to get to the store in a decent time. Luckily it was raining cats and dogs this morning so we crossed our fingers most people would stay home. Most people did, but it was enough people that had dared the rain for us to have to zig zag the car through a crowd.