Beach Friends

Salt Pond is a nice beach. And we are not the only ones that think so. We met some new friends here.

Morning Run

During our stays in Kauai I usually run a few times in the early morning. A beautiful stretch along the water. Crossing a beach and over some sandy and rocky cliffs and back.

When I’m lucky, I meet a friend on the beach. This year I was lucky.

Salt Pond Monk Seal

Another day at the beach. Another Hawaiian Monk Seal to be spotted. Life is hard 😉

It’s been quite an amazing seal spotting vacation this time. We’ve seen 6 seals this year. Which is quite a few considering there are only about a 1,000 left in the world of the the Hawaiian Monk Seal.

Finders, Keepers?

It’s amazing what you find on beaches here in Kauai. When running this morning I found this on the beach. Can I keep it? 🙂