Yaki-Niku & ChakaChaka

In the afternoon Chie and I went to Shinjuku for some New Year’s shopping. We bought some mame (Japanese snacks). It was almost impossible to move around for all the people.

Our main purpose was not to buy mame though. Today was the 29th or 2-9 which in Japanese is ni-ku. Niku also means meat in Japanese so what better food to eat on one of the last days of the year than yaki-niku (BBQ)? We though going to Korean BBQ had no better alternative anyway. And so did Mina-sensei, so she joined us.

After the dinner we rolled to ChakaChaka for another drink. We’ve been to ChakaChaka a few times before, for instance after the last Gamarjobat show. It is owned by Taro-san, a friend of Chie. He always seems happy when we come there and usually joins us at the table. He did so today as well… Until a girl turned up that was more interesting 😉

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