RNJ at Football Lounge

I was really tired after what felt like a month long week. But we had a meeting with Raider Nation Japan at the Football Lounge in Shinjuku. Though I was tired it was fun to meet with RNJ, and watch one of the few win games from last season.

Mash-san and Moonlight-san

We also watched a few summaries of past seasons. Seasons when Raiders were great – 1976, 1980 and 1983. It seems like ages ago. It was fun to watch the win for once, and it was fun to be reminded again about how much the equipment has changed from that time.

Yaki-Niku with Sensei

Chie and I met with Mina-sensei in Shinjuku today to have dinner at a Korean BBQ restaurant. I had some pork and some kalbi, and salad whereas Chie and Mina-sensei had intestines. We finished off with some spicy soup and cold noodles. Yummy!

Korean BBQ

After a day of doing nothing more than relaxing I went to the busy Shinjuku station. About 4 million people in average are passing through the station, or just below half of Sweden 😉 I met with Chie at Isetan department store from where we walked together to Koue, a Korean BBQ restaurant. There we met with Mina-sensei for some serious yaki-niku (BBQ).

When I have yaki-niku I usually eat too much. Today was no exception. It is just too yummy with buta-bara (some yummy part of a pig) and kalbi (some fancy part of a cow). Afterwards we got a chewing gum and were sprayed with some liquid to get rid of the smokey smell from the BBQ.

On or way home we made a brief stop at Yamada Denki (a shop for electrical things like TV, computers, and iPads). Long enough to buy an iPad 2 for Chie. The number 2 is because it is the second generation of iPads from Apple, but is also the second iPad for Chie 🙂 The only thing I am allowed to do with this iPad is to provide “Apple Care”.

Club Leo Going to Freakonomics

Met with Non and Ryo today as part of our monthly Club Leo meeting. This time we went to Shinjuku to watch the movie Freakonomics. The movie was quite boring and it was difficult to understand what they wanted to say with each of the different “stories”.

I am saying this as a listener of the Freakonomics audio book by the same authors. The book is so much better in many aspects. The “stories” are much better and so is the connection between cause and effect that they are explaining. It is fun listening. The movie… Well, both Chie and I fell asleep in the middle of it. Maybe that say it all 🙂

After the movie we all went to a Korean restaurant about 10 minutes walk from the Shinjuku station. The food was quite tasty and we had a fun time, as always.

When we arrived we were so hungry so we ordered a lot of food. Too hungry it turned out, because there was a big gap between what we thought we could eat when we were so hungry and what we actually could eat. In the end we were to full to finish with the traditional Korean noodle dish that we usually finish with 🙁

On our way back to Shinjuku station we were passed by many policemen. And we could se police busses with bared windows everywhere. It turned out that there was a anti-nuclear power demonstration. The police was there to keep everything in order.

We watched for a few minutes. Not much happened. We went home instead 🙂

Yaki-Niku & ChakaChaka

In the afternoon Chie and I went to Shinjuku for some New Year’s shopping. We bought some mame (Japanese snacks). It was almost impossible to move around for all the people.

Our main purpose was not to buy mame though. Today was the 29th or 2-9 which in Japanese is ni-ku. Niku also means meat in Japanese so what better food to eat on one of the last days of the year than yaki-niku (BBQ)? We though going to Korean BBQ had no better alternative anyway. And so did Mina-sensei, so she joined us.

After the dinner we rolled to ChakaChaka for another drink. We’ve been to ChakaChaka a few times before, for instance after the last Gamarjobat show. It is owned by Taro-san, a friend of Chie. He always seems happy when we come there and usually joins us at the table. He did so today as well… Until a girl turned up that was more interesting 😉