Christmas Eve started around 7 am this morning. With me going to the office to work, while Chie stayed home to rest. Though she did not rest so much as she was cleaning the kitchen from top to floor. Actually, from medium height to floor. The top is a little bit out of reach for her so I’ll do that tomorrow.

I left the office at lunch time when I had finished all the work for the day. The rest depended on other people and they were all on vacation.

At 6 pm Chie and I went to KotoKoto for dinner. We had a delicious Christmas Eve dinner, though there were (fortunately) nothing traditional Swedish about it. Instead it was fresh and light and probably not so bad for our health as a traditional Swedish Christmas dinner.

First dish was “myogo to kyuri no umeae” or myoga and cucumber in umeboshi dressing. The second dish was “kureson to eringi no sarada” watercress and eringi salad.

We also had “gobo karage” or fried greater burdock, and “satoimo to maitake no guratan” or sweet potato and maitake gratin.

We continued with “renkon to hitashimame no aemono” or lotus and soy beans with dressing, and “aonori to tofu no misoshiru” seaweed and tofu miso soup. As delicious as the previous dishes.

Together with the miso soup we also got “umeboshi no onigiri” or umeboshi rice ball. Rice in some kind is usually how a Japanese dinner is ended. However, I had a pear tart for dessert. YUMMY!!!

It was a great Christmas dinner. And it could not be spoiled with Coke so I had Perrier and Chie had some white wine.

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