Happy Holidays are Here Again

Another year has passed. The happy Holidays are here again. And we have set up our home accordingly 🙂

Christmas Eve’s Dinner

Once we had finished working Chie and I met at Bistro Mikami, just across the street from home. Christmas Eve’s dinner 🙂 We had a lovely time eating great food. One of our favourites is the in-restaurant smoked iwashi (sardine). Well, besides the deserts that is 😉


After dinner we went back home, just 150 meters 🙂 Back home we had a relaxing evening opening a couple of Christmas gifts. I had got Chie (us) three electric candle light. The body is made of candle wax and the flame is moving so from two meters away it is really difficult to see that they are not real. It makes a cozy atmosphere without the hazards of “live” candles.

Electric candle light