Dinner at KotoKoto

We had no idea what to have for dinner. So instead of wasting time figuring out what to eat we went to one of our favorite restaurants, KotoKoto.

KotoKoto Cooking Class

Chie and I spent the afternoon taking a cooking class with our friend Hiromi-san, the owner of one of our favorite restaurants KotoKoto. The theme of the dishes was lotus root.

Making Miso

At 1 pm I knocked on the door to KotoKoto, the restaurant in Naka-Meguro that we frequent. Last January Hiromi-san (owner of KotoKoto) started to make her own miso, it takes 10 months so it is just recently that we can get a taste of it in her miso soup. It was time for her to make a new batch. I was there to help.

Soy beans, mugi yeast, and salt Mill to make misoMaking paste for miso

It was fun work. She had prepared by cleaning and boiling the beans. So the three of that helped her only had to mince the beans, mix them with mugi yeast and salt, and make “snowballs” of the paste. Then Hiromi-san and I “threw” the balls into buckets and “squeezed” the air out of the paste. Finally we covered the buckets with plastic foil and salt. The salt will keep the mold at bay when storing the to-be miso for at least 10 months.

"Snowballs" for miso Bucket of to-be miso covered with salt to keep mold at bay