Support Tohoku Earthquake Victims!

Do you want to support the victims of the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami, and at the same time know exactly where the money goes? The Tohoku Donation page was created to do just that, support the victims of the earthquake/tsunami but also enable donators to track where the money goes.

Day Off

Had a day off today. What better to do than to renew your driving license. And since the place to do that is a bit off, I took the opportunity to enjoy the blue sky with a long bike ride along rice fields and farm land.

Renewing the driving license went smoothly and I was soon off to explore the northern parts of Hamamatsu. Mostly farm land bordering to mountains.

Stopped at Notice for lunch. A really nice restaurant in the middle of nowhere. Italian food made of mainly homegrown organic vegetables. Recommended.

After Lunch I started on a long explorative journey heading towards my apartment. Riding the backstreets, turning towards where things look interesting. Returned back at the apartment in the afternoon (after 40-50 km ride) and rewarded myself with sweets and tea on the balcony.

And a nice salad with bread and cheese for dinner.