25 Million

Met Koichi-san from Kobuchihama and Sachi-san, Shiho-san and Toru-san today. We talked about many things, but most of all about life after 11.3.11.

If the great earthquake of Tohoku and the following tsunami would never have happened… Then we would not be sitting here together. In fact, we would probably never have met. Though the earthquake was a disaster, there is always something good coming out of something bad.

Also got to know that the small, private volunteer group we joined have collected donations and arranged flee markets to collect a total of 25 million yen. All of it went into things for Kobuchihama and Fukukiura.

Lunch Time

Just came back from lunch. I used the lunch in a very good way today. First stop was at the Mitsubishi UFJ bank where I transferred money from my account to an account at the Sony Bank as a donation for the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. Sony, as promised, have to donate the same amount so my money is now doubled 🙂

Besides that, I also had time to eat. Then I bought a cup of tea, and sat outside in the sunshine reading a book and drinking my tea. Life is quite good after all 😎

BTW, if you want to donate money for the victims of the earthquake an easy way to do so is via Google Resources or directly via Japanese Red Cross Society (English, Japanese). It is also possible to donate via your local Red Cross organization or via the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

Survival Dinner

What do you eat to survive in Tokyo in the aftermath of earthquakes, tsunamis, and nuclear power plant failures and crises? Bacon and tomato sauce pasta with parmesan cheese and salad is quite OK.

As I wrote earlier, we are doing what we can to keep going as normal as possible. But it feels strange living in luxury like this when you know that not far away there are more than 450,000 people living in shelters with limited food supplies, limited water supplies and with poor sanitary facilities.

Today I tried to donate money to Red Cross via Google, but did not succeed. So tomorrow I am going to my bank to transfer the money to the Japanese Red Cross Society. Please, if you have the means then consider given a donation following any of the above links.

Second mission I have is to do volunteer work. I am looking for the possibility now but have not found anything so far. Sony seems to be planing some volunteer work for employees within the Sony Group so that would be one possibility.