Super Full Moon

It was super full moon in Hawaii tonight – 12% larger and some 30% brighter than usual. Chie and I got in our car and drove to Polihale at 8 pm.

We arrived just past 9 pm and just in time to see the moon rise over the mountains. It was beautiful! The sand shone in a silvery tone, the ocean crushing in, the stars above – even some shooting stars.


There were many people on the beach, mostly locals judging from their cars… And the way they were howling at moon rising over the mountains 😉

We spent an hour or so moon bathing on the beach before we decided to return back home. When we passed the couple closest to us on our way back to the car we heard some moaning from under a pile of blankets… Probably a victim of some werewolf is my guess 😉


Tokyo Tower & Full Moon

It was a beautiful evening with a full moon. I shot this photo from the balcony then run it through some image processing…But just a little 😉

Full Moon over Yamate Dori

Monday but already like Friday. Tomorrow is a national holiday here in Japan. And tonight there is a full moon over Tokyo.

Tokyo Tower & full moon