Got a Job

Woke up a felt much better, though not 100% as I was quite weak. I still went to work as I was quite busy.

In the afternoon my manager told me that the grading presentation and interview with Head of HR to decide about a “permanent” employment had been concluded and that it went excellent 🙂 It means I will become a full-time-until-further-notice employee of Sony Mobile. Feels a bit more secure than the one-by-one year contract I have had and that will expire by August 20 this year.

I celebrated by buying 10 lottery tickets from a work colleague (Henrik Enckell). His three daughters are selling them on behalf of their school and to support building a playground for children in Tohoku. All prizes are donated by different companies so the whole cost of the ticket is going straight to building the playground. I bought 10 tickets for 2500 yen.

When I got home and told Chie about the lottery, she wanted 10 tickets for herself and 10 for her work colleague too. Neither of us really care about winning but are thinking that now 7500 yen is going into the playground.