Wannabe Big Car

What do you do when you are a small car but really want to be a big one? Park in the big car space even though there are special spaces for small cars next to you 🙂

Two in One Shot

Quicker than writing it down and just takes a little bit of tongue tweeking… And you can get both the section and pocket numbers into a photo so you can find your way back to your car 🙂

How did…

How did people remember where they parked their car before smartphones??? Now it’s enough to remember to take a photo before you go shopping 🙂

Getting a Hiding Place for my New Bike

While Chie went to the mansion’s board meeting I took my new bike for a ride, singing the Queen’s song “I want to ride my bicycle…” all the way (or maybe not).

I took the same way I have been thinking about using to go to the office and I got there in about 25 minutes, without really breaking a sweat. At Shinagawa I went to the bicycle parking and applied for a membership, after they have carefully checked that the bike fit the dimensions and followed all the regulations.

This may seem strange for a non-Japanese but check out the video below and you may understand why. You really don’t want your bike to get stuck in the parking machine 😉

But the service people there had no objections to my bike so I got a membership. And my bike got an IC tag. And I tried the parking machine out, supervised by the service men. It all went great. My bike parked nice and easily. And when I swept my IC card it came back to me just like a good boy though, if you remember, it really is a Bad Boy 😀