Shopping & Ki-Mama

What can you do in Stockholm? Well, you can have breakfast at the Nordic Light hotel. Then relax taste of Japanese food was to large. We checked some Japanese blogs and found a ramen shop called Ki-Mama that seemed good.

Ramen Ki-Mama

We had soy souce ramen and miso ramen and gyoza. It was all quite good. But we have a ramen shop (Ren) about 100 meters from our apartment in Naka-Meguro that is at least a 100 times better. And less than half the price. Not including the air ticket that is 😉

Chie drinks Asahi Miso ramen

Afterwards we walked back to our hotel via Odenplan. Suddenly we heard a loud sound from above. A balloon using the big burner to heat the air inside the ballon.

Red ballon over Stockholm

Once we spotted the first balloon it was easy to spot the others. Quite a few. Seemed like a night perfect for ballon flying. Calm. Blue and clear sky.

Chie and I talked about riding one. And how fun it would be… For the first 10 minutes. But what about the other 80 or so minutes?