Taking the New Car for a Spin

Taking the one week old car for a spin… To Hamamatsu. The story behind the trip to be revealed soon. Stay tuned 😉


Waking up at a hotel at Arlanda airport was a new experience. And it made us hungry.

After breakfast we got our rental car and speed away towards my grandmother’s summer house in Eh outside Kilafors. It took us 3 hours including a stop in Gävle to buy some groceries at ICA Maxi and some wine at Systembolaget.

The most amazing thing at Chie discovered at ICA Maxi. A wall full of scanners for customers to pick up and do self scanning of their groceries. So that paying at the cashier will be quicker and easier.

When we arrived at my grandmother’s summer house my father and his wife Eva and John was there as well. Big welcome committee.

Nielsen family

We talked and talked. And then we had dinner before my father and Eva went home to Gävle.

John & grandmother Eva, father & Chie

Then we talked some more before Chie and I dropped dead in the bed.