Work Trip to Beijing

It’s Sunday and I am going to Beijing. I’ll be there the whole week to support the Open Source work there and to carry out Open Source training together with my work colleague Calle from Lund.

Getting to the Marriot Courtyard hotel always (well this is the second time in Beijing) proves to be tricky. This time I brought a map, but still the taxi driver seemed to not know where the hotel was located in the beginning. Though we ended up at the right place in the end.

Once at the hotel I went to their gym for a workout. First time since going on a vacation a while back. Did some running and some chest. Felt really great to workout again 🙂

In the evening I met Calle and we went for a dinner to a Szechuan restaurant about 5 minutes walk from the hotel.

The food was good and the restaurant was quite nice. It seemed to be an old restaurant with old wooden floors etc. After the dinner we went directly back to the hotel. And I went to bed.