Walking To and From the Office

Walking 2 x 4.5 km every day to get to and from the office. But when the weather was like today then not so much to complain about 🙂

Help with Work

As Coco is staying with us temporarily he is kind enough to help me with my work. We spend the days working together, though sometimes (most of the time) he gets tired and sleeps on the sofa or on the floor.

Another Week

Another week have passed and no posts in the blog. The only excuse I have is that it took a while to recover from the BONG!!! At least I will blame the BONG!!! 😉

This week the butt us not so sore. Maybe the skin there is getting thicker. Still wind in my hair and smile on my face summarizes the week. The week on my somewhat still new bike to and from the office, but not inside the office. There were neither wind in my hair or smile on my face there. In fact there were not so many smiles at all in the office.

But who cares about that now when it is Friday night. And not long until Chie and I am going to San Francisco for football 🙂

Yaki-Niku with Andreas

First thing that happened at the office today was that my PC got stuck in trying to connect to our disk server. It needs the connection to synchronize my local documents with the server for backups. Usually there are some minor troubles slowing the PC down. But not like today.

I could not get anything done the first 1.5 hours. My plan was to finish up yesterday’s meeting notes within an hour and get to my Japanese lessen at 9 am. Now I had to cancel the lessons to finish the notes after my PC decided to work properly again… Around 9:30. After I restarted it a few time.

So the day did not start so great. But the ending was really nice.

Chie and I met Andreas at a yaki-niku restaurant in Meguro for dinner. We had a lot of different types of meat, which we grilled over a bed of charcoal. And talked about anything and everything.

We had enjoyed the dinner so much that once it ended it felt too early to end the evening. Instead of going home we took a short taxi ride to Red Pepper in Ebisu.

They are always so friendly at Red Pepper. And this night was not different. We got our own room in a kind of outdoor tent space connected to the kitchen heated by a kerosene heater. In the cosy heat by ourselves we had desert. Grappa for the ladies (sorry Andreas I could not resists it ;-)) and pancakes and ice cream for the man 😛